Evanna B. Bauer

LPL Registered Sales Assistant

Born in Poland, Evanna came to the Capital region as an infant. She is multi-lingual, speaking fluent Polish, Ukrainian, French, Czechoslovakian and English. She is able to communicate with many clients who are nationalized US citizens for which English may be a second language. Evanna has spent her entire career in customer service and sales with more than sixteen in financial services. Previous clients have included pre-retirement professionals, dual income families, business owners, Attorneys and Physicians that own their own practices, Real Estate agents. Evanna has developed strategies to assist with business succession planning, tax minimization, employee benefits and retirement.

She builds a strong relationship with clients by taking a high quality, proactive and timely approach to address financial needs.

Evanna holds a B.S. degree from Siena College in Political Science and accounting. She resides in Slingerlands with her husband and children. Evanna is an active volunteer for a few local charitable organizations and children’s school activities. 

Phone 518-456-5810 ext. 15
Fax 518-456-0133